A little over a week ago, Ryan and I watched Food Inc.  If you haven't seen it, I would highly encourage it.  It discussed how our food has changed over the past 50 years, who is behind how it is raised, grown, and sold and how it is affecting us as a culture.  Ryan says I've been talking like a reformed smoker, telling everyone I know about it.  But it has changed me.  Truly has.  I think it is kinda neat that the post I wrote the day before was how I was leaning to a more holistic, natural way, sustainable way to feed my family.  And this book has given me the motivation.  It will be on pbs on April 21, so no need to rent it.  You can find more info here
So, the focus of this blog may change a little.  I'm trying to buy most of my food from the farmer's market and the csa that we belong to.  And my recipes will reflect that.
More to come.  Sorry for the tardiness in posting, with a sick son the last couple weeks I haven't been trying enough new recipes and/or forgotten to take photos!