Yesterday I enjoyed one of my Christmas gifts - my first cooking class at Central Market.  It was a "hands-on" class - the basics of the knife.  I brought mine from home and since it was the dullest knife, the teacher sharpened it for me!
In the class we learned about the different types of knives, which you should have on hand (chef's knife, serrated knife and paring knife), how to hold the knife, and practiced on some food.  We sliced tortillas, diced carrots, chopped onions, deseeded tomatoes and jalepenos and peeled and supremed (segmented) an orange.

I really enjoyed the class.  I really got lots out of it, and am looking forward to training anyone who wants to learn!

So, if you are interested in classes like these, go ahead and take one!  Some here in town are and .  I even found one in my neighborhood offering classes, and some are free - I think I may have to try Austin Healthy Cooking