My tip this week is about spices.  I have tons of 'em.  I buy them for one recipe, and they seem to stay in my cabinet.  It is important to have fresh spices to make sure your recipes turn out right.  A few years ago I found a great section of our grocery store - the bulk spices!  They are super easy to use (you put 'em in a small bag) and super cheap (I don't think I have ever paid more than 50 cents for a full bag).  This is great especially during holiday time when you use spices that you may not at other times.

Sometimes I will keep them in the bag, other times I may move them into some of the small plastic baby food containers I got from Nate.  Super easy, and I just label 'em with my label maker.

If you are wondering if your spices are too old, here is a good site from .  And some info on how long you should keep them (I may need to clean out my spice rack today).

Do you have any tips on spices? McCormick